The Franklin Park Mile is One Mile, One Movement, All Community

Image The Franklin Park Mile will take place on October 20th at 2 pm at the Playstead in Franklin Park (near White Stadium), with bib pickup and race-day signup starting at noon.  There will be multiple heats to make sure everyone can run their fastest possible race, with the final heat specifically for kids and families.  Race entry is $10 for adults and free for kids 16 and under.

There will be cash prizes for the fastest overall runners, as well as for the fastest runners from JP, Dorchester, and Roxbury.  We'll also have prizes and awards for teams and raffles prizes for many others.  On top of that, we're putting together a sponsored after party where people can hang out and dance with new friends and old.  The Franklin Park Mile will be a celebration of active living and a celebration of community.

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The goal of the Franklin Park Mile is bigger than you can imagine.  The aim is to transform the world, changing the essence of how people experience their lives.  The world today is a global one; it is a multiracial, multiethnic, multilinguistic, multigender mosaic with more connectivity than anyone ever imagined possible.  And though community is sometimes forgotten with the possibility of faraway connections, it is essential for everyone.  A strong community can produce wellness in a way that almost nothing else can and yet many people are becoming less and less connected to those around them.  Community running supports the natural development of communities that revolve around common activities, which creates a population that is both empowered and capable of empowering those they interact with.

Though Boston has many diverse communities within its boundaries, Boston is a unique community in and of itself - one that is exceptionally diverse and yet segregated and separated, not able to take advantage of all it has to offer.  To truly empower Boston and bring out its strengths, the Boston community must find common ground - something simple and unifying.  The Boston Marathon bombing brought Bostonians together in a way few have experienced, but that unification was short-lived because it occurred due to a single event people hope will never again occur.  The Franklin Park Mile, on the other hand, will bring people together from both the running community and from the diverse neighborhoods surrounding Franklin Park.  By bringing people together though an activity that is positive and that supports the development of free community running groups, the Franklin Park Mile will ideally help to spark the further development of Boston community and unification just as FHR believes Community Running for All will be able to do nationwide.


The power of the Franklin Park Mile is in its simplicity.  It is a short race that people with many miles in their legs can run as a sprint and that people who have never run before will still be able to finish at a run. It will take place in Boston’s largest park, which has the most diverse users of any park in Boston.  Kids 16 and under will run for free because we believe more kids deserve to experience more fun, rewarding activities.  We also believe that giving young people the opportunity to experience an event with a positive atmosphere that associates exercise with music and enjoyment will support kids in making exercise and future races a part of their lives.

Running is possibly the greatest metaphor for life.  Some days, every step you take will be incredibly difficult; other days, every step of your run will feel light and joyful. But if you stick with it and you do a little bit every day, you will improve.  Unlike most parts of life, where you’re never quite sure if you’re progressing or not because it’s difficult to define what better is, the clock doesn’t lie.  You will see your improvement and that will help you to see that if you put a little time every day into other things you do, you will improve.  Giving more people, from diverse backgrounds, the opportunity to experience this is one more reason the Franklin Park Mile is an important event for Boston, but even more specifically for the people living in the neighborhoods surrounding Franklin Park.

Posted on September 23, 2013 and filed under FHR Updates.