Hello FHR and Friends, For the past three years Hyde Square Task Force and Forest Hills Runners have teamed up to support HSTF’s Rookie Runners - a group of young people from JP, Roxbury, and Dorchester.  The goal of the Rookie Runners program is to help the kids involved stay away from street violence and become youth leaders by taking to the streets and promoting healthy lifestyles and attitudes.

Rookie Runners 2012-2013

HSTF’s Alexis Agrinsoni has been the backbone of this program for the past three years, throughout which a group of FHR and Boston University School of Medicine volunteers have helped at HSTF on a weekly basis to motivate and encourage these youth in their running and their lives.

Alexis started with his third group of Rookie Runners about a week ago and is currently teaching them the basics of running while having them run a mile or so each day around the neighborhood.  Most of these kids have never run, purely for the sake of running, in their entire lives.

The Rookie Runners meet at the Hyde Square Task Force Monday - Thursday 930 am - 2 pm and usually run at around 1030 or 11. Though this is obviously a time that most people are working, if you’d like to volunteer to work with the Rookie Runners, please contact Alexis.  You can make a big impact on these kids’ lives by volunteering even a small amount each week and it would be especially beneficial to have the Rookie Runners meet other runners from the community.

Email Alexis at alexis@hydesquare.org if you would like more information or if you are interested in volunteering.

Posted on August 1, 2013 and filed under FHR Updates.