FHR at the Doyle's 5-miler - 7 April 2013

FHR at Doyle's 2 This past Sunday was the Doyle’s 5-miler, a five mile race starting in Franklin Park, racing along Circuit Drive, turning into the cross-country area of the park, and then looping back towards the starting line and past to the finish line by Doyle’s Pub on Williams Street.  It was a phenomenal event that was well-organized, spirited, and chock full of both personal records and unquenchable joy... yeah... seriously.

FHR at Doyle's 1

Not only that, but we had our second best team turnout for an event after the Hyannis Half-Marathon.  Aleta Wiley, Jenn Gagner, Marc Almanzar, Jess Muscaro, Monica Rey, Yael Tarshish, Julie Arrison (honorary member) and I (Owen) showed up to race while Rosie and Lexi showed up to cheer us off at the start and stayed around to watch the battle down the final stretch towards Doyle’s.


And what battles there were!  Everyone who ran the race ran a PR for the course and some people (myself included) ran personal bests for the five mile distance.  I can only comment on my own experience in detail, but since it was such a phenomenally fun one and because I wasn’t pushing myself hard since I am racing the marathon this coming Monday, I was able to watch the other FHR runners and my Franklin Park Coalition friends crush the race themselves while high-fiving people, cheering for friends, and thanking the volunteers along the way.

It was also great to see so many Franklin Park Coalition shirts around the course.  Julie Arrison, Jared Egan, Cindy Brennan, and Jason Carraro, along with others I don’t know nearly well enough, raced for the FPC to prepare for the upcoming Boston Marathon.


After the race, the fun really began with free beer for all, Irish music, and a bit of dancing.  After that... and though I can’t comment too much on this because I was off to another event downtown by then... some of the team headed over to a post-race brunch at Marc’s.

It’s wonderful to be getting to know so many new people through FHR, to keep getting faster with FHR, and to be improving my health daily with the help of so many awesome, fit, beautiful individuals.

I can’t wait for the Boston Marathon and our post-race brunch at The Haven.  There’ll be a full report up on that and the madness that will be the Boston Marathon soon!

FHR Times at the Doyle’s 5-miler:

6 - Owen Kendall - 30 M - 4/253  30-39 - 26:39.0 - 5:20/M

58 - Marc Almanzan - 30 M - 21/253  30-39 - 31:52.0 - 6:22/M

323 - Jennifer Gagner - 28 F - 23/246  20-29 - 39:36.0 - 7:55/M

474 - Jessica Muscaro - 25 F - 42/246  20-29 - 41:45.0 - 8:21/M

561 - Yael Tarshish - 26 F - 56/246  20-29 - 42:45.0 - 8:33/M

654 - Aeta Wiley - 32 F - 101/339  30-39 - 43:53.0 - 8:47/M

779 - Monica Rey - 25 F - 90/246  20-29 - 45:28.0 - 9:06/M

1390 - Julie Arrison - 33 F - 289/339  30-39 - 55:36.0 - 11:07/M

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