Forest Hills Runners in the News

There are many reasons for quiet.  Sometimes we are quiet because we are at peace.  Other times, we are quiet because we don't know what to say.  Then there are also times we are quiet because we are overwhelmed by the world.  Oh... and there are times we are quiet because we are so tired we have slipped off to sleep. This website has been quiet for a while.  Many people have written to me wondering why I haven't posted anything new and why no one has updated this website.  Is it because we've gone defunct in a very short period?  Did we lose the youthful vigor that allowed us to come into being in April of 2011?  Did not enough people show interest in community running?  The answer is a resounding: NO! This site has been quiet, but every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday FHR has taken to the streets of JP and Dorchester, our footsteps and hearts pounding as we run, laughing with lively conversation.


Forest Hills Runners (FHR) is alive and well and is growing steadily.  Two to three people join our Facebook page per week and new people show up for runs all the time.  Some of them fall in love with running with FHR and have become wonderful friends and running buddies. Others have schedules that conflict with our runs, but almost everyone stays in touch, joins us on runs whenever they can, and remains connected through our Facebook page or Google group. It is incredibly exciting to see how much FHR has grown.

If you're interested in getting involved with FHR, please either visit our Facebook page: or join our Google group so that you can stay looped in to what we're doing.  Our facebook page is the best way to become a part of the dialogue about the runs, races, and social gatherings that we plan for the group. Or... even better... just come run with us!

If you'd like to become a more active member by being a run leader (we compensate with love and respect), a social coordinator, or a master of FHR gear (helping us to coordinate the printing of jerseys and other FHR goodies), please email us at

Not only is our community running group growing, but FHR is branching out and doing all sorts of other community development work in JP.  The most exciting thing we're involved in, as far as we're concerned, is our work with Hyde Square Task Force's (HSTF) Rookie Runners.   HSTF is a fixture in the Jamaica Plain Community, with an emphasis on supporting underserved youth in Boston Public Schools from JP and Roxbury by providing them with afterschool jobs, programming, and leadership training.  Rookie Runners is a new HSTF program for ninth graders that supports active living for the youth involved by using running as a metaphor for life (the youth are both training to run a 5k and are organizing a 5k race that will take place in Jamaica Plain this coming June - details will be posted soon).  A metaphor for life?  Yes.  Running is the best metaphor for life ever - if you are consistent with running and work at it a little bit every day, you will improve.  What better way to learn how to be consistent in other parts of your life and thus learn how to succeed more overall?

Forest Hills Runners is ecstatic to be working with Hyde Square Task Force, a partnership supported in part by Boston University School of Medicine's new Wellness Program.

One of the best parts about running in JP is the phenomenal running routes we have available to us—many of which include the beautiful Franklin Park.  Owen, one of FHR’s founders, has joined the Franklin Park Coalition marathon team to raise awareness (and funding) for the park by running the Boston Marathon for the FPC next month.  This partnership makes a lot of sense for FHR  because FPC and FHR have very similar goals: supporting active lifestyles and improving the quality of life of everyone in JP and Dorchester (check out the link to the Franklin Park Coalition on the sidebar).

Ara Parseghian, an FHR all-star and friendly face frequently there to greet new runners at Stonybrook, is also training for the Boston Marathon, and has chosen to run as a part of the Tufts Marathon Team. The TMT raises funds to support nutrition, medical, and fitness programs at Tufts, and for Tufts’ research efforts on adolescent obesity prevention.

FHR has also been in the news recently.  An article was recently written up about FHR and HSTF in El Mundo and in the JP Gazette, and Channel 7 did a special segment on FHR and HSTF that was aired on Super Bowl Sunday.  You can check out that video below.

FHR keeps getting better and better.  Come out and run with us on Tuesdays, Thursdays, or Saturdays to check out how awesome free community running can be and how great FHR runners really are... or run with us on other days as new runs are being organized all the time by FHR members (you can find out about these runs on our Facebook page or by joining our Google group).

We hope to see you out on a run soon!

Posted on March 19, 2012 and filed under FHR Updates.