Good Form Running

The other day, while looking for examples of people running with good form, I stumbled across a website called, "Good Form Running."  And it's just that.  It was started by two guys out in Michigan who believe that good running form is important for running for life with fewer injuries.  They also own a running store and so their desire to have people run for life is a tiny bit selfish: if you run for life you buy more running shoes - rather than breaking down all the time because you're a heel striker. What they believe is the same thing I believe - if you run midfoot, you can take advantage of the evolutionary features we have developed over millenia; if you heel strike, you lose all those biological advantages and your body breaks down faster.

They also believe that running barefoot can be a tool to help you to run better, but that running barefoot all the time is not necessarily advantageous (unless you really don't want to spend that money on shoes and don't care about getting worms or grimy feet... some are not sure which is worse, though I am biased as a future physician).

Check out the links I have posted on the right of the page under "Good Form Running" to get some ideas on things you can work on to improve your form and when you come out to a run, feel free to ask me to take a look at your form and maybe we can make advances that way, as well.  All running advice is free.  In fact, everything related to Forest Hills Runners is free... except for gear that is.  The people at Good Form Running have done a great job of breaking things down to help us to run better, more efficiently, longer, and more healthfully.  Could there be anything better?  Well... I guess I could have a personal stetcher who would force me to stretch for an hour a day and work out my knots, but otherwise... I can't think of anything.


Posted on August 28, 2011 and filed under FHR Updates.