Forest Hills Runners' First Week

FHR had its first week of runs this past week and they were glorious. Did thousands flock to Stonybrook for them? No. Not thousands... but a solid number nonetheless. Especially for our first week - and before we'd even put fliers up around JP. And those who did show up had a lot of good things to say. First, our run leaders showed up with printed maps so that runners would know where to go, even though run leaders work hard to keep their packs together. Those who came out for the runs also liked the multiple distance options. On Tuesday, for instance, we ran through Franklin Park and had 2.4, 3.25, 4.84, and 5.6 mile distance options to choose from. Then, on Thursday, we ran south to Arnold Arboretum and then around Jamaica Pond with 2.3, 4.1, 4.6, and 5.8 mile options. Click on the distances and you can see the runs themselves on - a great resource that I love to use to determine how far a particular run was and to determine the average pace of my runs. The fun run on Saturday was especially nice because not only did my good friend Ilan show up for his third straight FHR run, but my friend Ruben Sanca showed up for what ended up being an easy 6.1 mile run through Forest Hills Cemetery - one of the most beautiful and historic places in all of Boston. Though there weren't as many people at runs this first week as I think we'll see in the future, this week was a great example of what Forest Hills Runners can be for the people of JP and its surroundings, with both beginning runners, aspiring Olympians, and those simply in love with running in attendance.

I look forward to seeing more people from the area this coming week or whenever you're interested in hitting the pavement for a little escape and intermingling with good people who happen to enjoy running.

Posted on May 1, 2011 and filed under FHR Updates.