Running Day

Every day is a running day for me, but certain runs on certain days stand out from the rest.  For others, running is something done in good weather - when there's sun out and the temperature is over 55° - or when there are good people to run with.  I support both approaches, though I will say that some of my favorite runs have been in bitter cold or pouring rain. I still remember one particular leg of the Green Mountain Relay, a 200 mile race that I ran with six friends from Bennington and Burlington, Vermont.  It was in the gloaming of the day, the sunset having just dimmed, and I was running up a slow incline on the left shoulder of a blacktop road, no sounds except for crickets buzzing off in the distance and birds quietly settling onto tree limbs.  That and the rhythmic tapping of my feet on the blacktop balancing my breath.   Rain was falling in a light mist over me, cooling the air.  Bullfrogs sounded like deep-voiced pool players calling out across a hall at the end of the night.

That run was amazing, but I’m also happy for the opportunity to run on days like today... when the sky is the color of a robin's egg and rain on previous days has knocked the soot from the air, when it's sixty degrees out and there's a slight breeze to keep you from overheating...

Running reminds me how amazing life is and so I am reminded daily.  I wait with excitement for Forest Hills Runners' first run on the 26th of April.  Until then, I'll be running.

Posted on April 14, 2011 and filed under FHR Updates.