To pun: we will soon be up and running...

Things are busy, life never slows down, but we are on our way to getting Forest Hills Runners, a new running group in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, on the ground and into reality. My dream is that Forest Hills Runners will give individuals, some who have been running in groups for years and some who have never considered running in a group before, a community they can run with, walk with, communicate with, and enjoy no matter their background or previous experience with life or running. The reason I've decided to put this running group together is because I believe that exercise and community are essential to our well-being as people.  I have been running - from here to there on soccer fields and on playgrounds - my entire life.  It was only recently - four years ago now - that I started getting the running bug.  Since then I have had the pleasure to see how incredible and life-affirming community running can be.  If meeting others in the area and being active sounds appealing to you, I hope to see you out there for a run sometime.


Posted on March 26, 2011 and filed under FHR Updates.